OilGrads Privacy Policy

OilGrads requests personal information in order to match users with the best jobs in the oil and gas industry. Information we collect may include your name, address, telephone number, email, and school information, as well as experience and honors. Only recruiters and HR professionals from reputable companies with true employment needs will be allowed to search our database of graduates' resumes.

No, we don't sell your information to outside companies. (We're offended you even thought of that.)

Additionally, OilGrads may use your personal information to provide you with services you requested, such as newsletters, job updates and industry/recruiting events. Finally, we periodically sponsor contests and other promotions that may require other personal information in order to participate.

OilGrads will not share your personal information or email address with companies or parties that are not legitimate and trustworthy companies searching to fill a position. (If we feel we are required to do so by law or other special circumstances, we will share then, too. We know. We're weak and easily coerced by people with badges.)

If you don't want to (be a part of the cool crowd or) receive emails from us anymore, you can remove yourself from our email lists at any time (and we won't hold it against you). Just log in and update your profile. Changes to your profile take place immediately.

Finally, OilGrads uses information on an aggregate basis (meaning, we don't disclose individual information) to better understand our users and to improve our site. Aggregate statistics may also be disclosed to potential advertisers and/or business partners.

Periodically, we may modify our privacy policy. We'll let you know about changes on this page.

By using OilGrads, you indicate your acceptance of this privacy policy.