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We started OilGrads to help recent grads and soon-to-graduate students find their place in the oil and gas industry. Whether you are trying to figure out what industry fits you best or you are already committed to O&G and just need a little guidance in finding the perfect job, OilGrads is here to help. With everything from open positions to GPA conversion tools, career fair information to coops and internships, OilGrads connects the global oil and gas industry with the world's best college talent.

Why Oil & Gas?

Meet Industry Professionals

Interested to know what a day in the life of a petroleum engineer, geologist, or other is like? Well, browse these professional profiles to hear it straight from the horse's mouth as these experienced professionals share their insight and experiences.

Money Matters

Since Spindletop created the US oil boom in 1901, history has taught us that oil pays. And it pays well. There's a reason why the phrase "oil money" exists, and fortunately, that payoff trickles down the line to just about every oil and gas employee.

Exceeding Expectations

Benefits have been proven just as important as monetary compensation - and even more so. While some industries have been reducing benefits, the oil and gas sector continues to outperform in this arena. In fact, medical insurance, retirement plans and flexible work hours are standard at many oil and gas companies.

A New Wave: Recruiting the Next Generation

Through advanced internship programs, concentrated college recruitment campaigns, extensive training curricula and open-communication mentoring, oil and gas companies are ensuring the future of the industry.


Tips for Students

Am I in the Right Place?

With the industry's best companies looking to OilGrads for their college recruiting, you're sure to find the perfect start to a long career in energy. Whether you have a degree in engineering, science, mathematics, or business, there are many opportunities available for you to dive right in.

7 Not-to-Miss Resume Tips

Your resume is your first opportunity to wow your future employer. You want it to be organized and impressive, as well as honest - and the stress of it is wearing on you. Don't worry. Instead, learn from people who've been through it with these tips from the inside. Also, check out resume templates you can download and use.

GPA Converter

Not every university uses the same grading system. While one school might be on a 4-point grading scale, another just might evaluate you on the 6-point scale. OilGrads works off of the traditional 4-point scale, but that doesn't mean that every employer will. Be sure to read carefully what they are looking for, and use this grading conversion table to keep your profile above the curve.

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Careers in Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineers: Keeping the World Running One Well at a Time

Without a doubt, the world runs on energy and hydrocarbons are single largest source of energy in use today. Take a quick peak into the complex industry known as E&P to get an idea of where that energy comes from and how you can join in the quest.

Answer the Challenge: Become a Petroleum Engineer

For those with a mathematical and scientific orientation, petroleum engineering is an excellent career path that provides new challenges, worldwide opportunities, rapid advancement and generous compensation. Get a better idea of the background necessary to dive into this discipline.

Petroleum Engineering Specialties

A degree in petroleum engineering opens up many opportunities that can take you from the oilfield to the boardroom in diverse locations around the globe. Take a look at some of these specialties to get an idea of where you O&G career could take you.