Bill Roby - VP, Worldwide Engineering & Technical Services

Name: Bill Roby
Position: VP, Worldwide Engineering & Technical Services
Expertise: Mechanical Engineering, Executive
Employer: Occidental Oil & Gas Corp.
Location: United States

I graduated from Louisiana State University with a BS in mechanical engineering in 1981 and have worked in the oil and gas industry since that time. Working in numerous roles and functions in drilling, production, logging and reservoir engineering, I have worked for Shell Oil Co., Altura Energy and Oxy, totaling more than 25 years of experience.

I first entered into the drilling discipline due to the excitement working on a drilling rig provides. The huge equipment: the derrick, mud pumps, large casing and other ancillary equipment were exciting. Additionally, drilling is a discipline that provides immediate feedback on your recommendations. I could learn immediately if the drill bit selection, mud system, directional plan, etc. worked well or not.

The petroleum industry allows you to work on huge projects all around the world and provides opportunities to work on multibillion-dollar projects in almost every continent without changing employers. Also, since the projects are completed in a relatively short period of time, there are always new and different projects on the horizon. Additionally, the petroleum industry offers the opportunity for rapid advancement due to the wave of retirements expected to hit the industry in the next 10-15 years.

A Bit of Advice

The most important reference material is the experienced person next door, down the hall or across the street. I believe one should always consult with colleagues who have different experiences on the problems and issues at hand. I have found that seeking various views about problems is generally a good thing.

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