Ildar K. Shayhutdinov - Chief Specialist of Well Interventions, Technology

Name: Ildar K. Shayhutdinov
Position: Chief Specialist of Well Interventions, Technology
Expertise: IT - Analysis & Management, Petroleum Engineering
Employer: TNK-BP
Location: Russian Federation

I received by bachelor's and master's degree from Gubkin Russian State Oil & Gas University with honors and a specialty in oil and gas field development, specifically well operation under complicated conditions. I've been in the oil and gas industry since then.

I was attracted to well interventions because it requires a creative approach; it's very dynamic and continually developing. Each oil field, as well as each oil well, is very specific and requires an individual approach. That's why this profession combines the need for deep analysis of input data and the application of different methods and technologies.

There are a number of career highlights of which I'm particularly proud. I am part owner of several patents in the oilfield development and operation area. In addition, I have developed my own method of calculating the flowing bottom hole pressure (FBHP) in a production well and tested it on actual measure data from different oil fields. From this, I created well analyst software for estimating the potential of producing wells.

A Bit of Advice

My opinion is the following: Whatever you are doing, you must love your job. Success and achievements will be yours then. And, as in any business, a person needs to take responsibility for his job.

If a young person is looking for a profession that combines good technical knowledge and a creative approach and also is open to continuous development and improvements in his profession, then petroleum engineering is the right choice.

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